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Evay Media are searching for two (2) Australian businesses to help:

GROW YOUR BUSINESS using Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)

ONLY TWO (2) AUSTRALIAN BUSINESSES will be chosen, so start messaging, calling, emailing NOW!

Don’t Miss Out!

Q: What type of online advertising works for all businesses?
A: Google Ads

If you ask us, Google Ads is one of the most effective type of online advertising for business that leads to quicker results.

What we will do for you?:

• We will build for you search engine friendly web pages with SEO (search engine optimisation) – FREE
• We will build testing pages – FREE
• We will enter precise keywords – FREE
• We will write description content – FREE
• We will design and create the campaigns – FREE
• We will fully manage your Google Ads – FREE

Why’s Google Ads?

There are many reasons, but without a doubt the biggest one is that it gives you better leads.

The way Google Ads works is that it presents ads based on what your customers are searching for.

If you have been thinking about starting a Google Ads Campaign for your business, get onto this offer now, we are only taking two (2) businesses.

Are there any costs involved?

Although all of the above is done for you for FREE, YES, all you will have to pay is the Google Ads ‘click’ fees (you get to select this weekly budget upfront). You can start from as low as $50 per day if you wish!

And, remember we are doing it all for you for a specified time!

Talk to us about online advertising using Google Ads for business!
1300 33 03 03 or 0400 124 019 – media@evay.com.au

Offer expires 5pm Wednesday 15th May 2019
Terms and conditions apply

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