We Help Businesses Attract Attention

Get more customers, sales, exposure, leads, likes, followers and much more.

Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords, now Google Ads together we will attract you more attention, clients and sales.

Social Media Management & Advertising

Social Media and paid advertising management designed to get you more exposure and sales.

Video & Digital Marketing

Smart and effective digital marketing and video solutions

Web & Online Services Management

Website, ecommerce, SEO and all online services management

Managed Website and Online Services

Managed 4 You

Like having a staff member

We manage your entire web presence covering all aspects of your online web and media services. It’s easy, you don’t have the overheads, but you get professionals.

Creative Design

We’ve got you covered

Get the online look and feel that tells and sells who you are. Our designs, coupled with smart and effective SEO will boost your online exposure and make you stand out.

Video Production

Any size business

We produce videos and video advertising for business. Our team design effective formats for YouTube, Vimeo, websites, social media, eMail, eCommerce and campaigns.

Managed Web Services

We fully manage your online and website solutions. You do what you do best and work on your business, and we use our smart web and online skills and get you results.

Our in-depth knowledge within websites and design, eCommerce (shopping carts), SEO, social media platforms, advertising, media and media creation, webinars, promotional videos and Adwords management will certainly assist you to be much better exposed getting you results in media.

It’s real easy – you select how many hours per week you need a Media Technician suitable to your budget, and we’ll make it happen!


Free 30 minute consultation and assessment.

Australian and International Advertising Solutions!

Helping businesses to succeed throughout Australia, and Internationally.

We design, create and produce online web content to get the best out of your advertising.

Design, create and produce video advertising for your business!


Business Video Advertising

Results In Media can create and produce stunning and noticeable video advertising for all platforms such as Websites, Social Media, eMarketing campaigns, training, human resources, product reviews, explainers and testimonials just to name a few. Our well priced video production for advertising is designed to expand your business – Online Advertising Australia


Facts and Stats why you should use video

Why Use Video – from statistics taken, 83% of businesses believe that video gives them a better ROI. Explainer videos increases consumer understanding of businesses products or services by 97%. Consumers that have watched an explainer video to learn about a product or service has jumped to 91%. Our online advertising Australia tools will assist you to get results in media.

Our Management Team

Online advertising coupled with effective websites, ecommerce that works, digital marketing exposure, video marketing strategies and encompassing the entire functionality of the online world requires in-depth knowledge and skills to be successful. Our management team ensure we constantly meet the required criteria.



Skills second to none and will get your message across.



Director – extensive knowledge and skills in the online world.



The driver behind the team. Heavily skilled with vast knowledge.



Experienced publicist and journalist with in-depth knowledge.

Video Works

Video is one of the best and most effective forms of advertising using our online advertising Australia structure. It will increase more interest which increases ROI.


Food for thought:
When you are watching TV you are watching video. When you are watching TV adverts you are watching Video.

Video style advertising is the most effective.

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