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Communications – Harrisontech supply and install business telephone systems, NBN, Internet, VoIP, CCTV and surveillance, wifi, point-to-point wireless, microwave wireless, mobile networks, access control, security and alarm systems, digital signage, TV antennas, satellite, data cabling, ACMA licensed and more.

(Managed by Harrisontech)

Digital Media & Marketing – Evay Media supply, configure and manage website and creative design, smart eCommerce platforms, digital media, SEO, eMarketing, SMS Marketing, Google Adwords, social media platforms, social media advertising, video advertising, fully managed online services helping you do what you do best and more.

(Managed by Harrisontech's Evay Media Division)

Products & Services

Communications & Digital Media


From Internet to cabling and telephone system installed including wireless network integrated, Harrisontech do it all. Add on CCTV and Alarms with access control we’ve got you covered.

Websites & eCommerce

Smart, effective and creative website design coupled with all the web tools such as eCommerce, SEO and advertising; we will get you noticed online for results.

Lead Generation

Using planned strategies and modern digital tools we can implement a lead generation program encompassing MailChimp, SMS marketing, eMail marketing and social advertising.

Any Business

Our product and service suite will suit any type of business regardless of size and if you are online or not. Whether you are a Company, trade, retail business, wholesaler, non for profit or a government agency, we can help.


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One Company & Everything You Need

We are a perfect fit for any size business. Our communications division with our ACMA registered technicians will supply quality hardware, internet and NBN services, telephone systems, VoIP, WiFi infrastructures, point to point and point to multi point wireless connections, access control, alarms, CCTV, TV and digital signage plus much more.

Our Media division has a diverse online knowledge and has the expertise to seriously enhance your business through website and creative design, eCommerce platforms, digital media, SEO, eMarketing, SMS Marketing, Google Adwords, social media platforms, social media advertising, video advertising, managed online services and much more.

Keeping IT Simple For You

Fully Responsive

Dedicated to Assisting Industries

Harrisontech have seen opportunities for custom development in a range of businesses.

One of these industries is Aged Care and we have developed and implemented a range of products to assist the elderly to have a better care plan that allows them to keep their own independence for much longer.

The products we supply and service can be implemented in the home or a care facility.

We believe in assisting families to have some peace of mind knowing that their loved one is monitored passively.


Been in business since 2003

Harrisontech is an Australian owned Company and has been trading for many years. We have developed a range of software and platforms, including producing industry specific hardware. We are always looking at industry needs and are constantly researching and developing to keep ahead of the ever changing IT, online and digital world.

Business telephone systems, particularly IP PBX and VoIP has been a major part of our business and still is to this day. We and our customers believe our systems are simply better than the large Telcos, and better priced.

Break it down

Why And What To Use

Many organisations do get confused and ponder if they have made the right choices with the equipment and internet infrastructures they have chosen. As an example many businesses have been just paying their ongoing monthly fees and have not revisited, or are too frightened to upset what’s currently working. However, Harrisontech can analyse your current infrastructure which could potentially provide you with ample savings.

As an example; we have a client who was paying a large Telco on average $1800.00 per month. Harrisontech did an assessment and put in some new hardware and plans. The client’s average spend for the same service with more functionality is now $319.00 per month fixed. Yes, they had to purchase some new hardware, however the ROI was 3.7 months (that’s a good deal).

Contact Us

Please contact us, we are not robots and are very approachable Australians. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss what you have in place, and to assess if we could save you monies. On the flip side, if you are already on a good deal, we will tell you so.

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