Instant Promo Video/Mini Documentary


Do you want the cheapest and fastest way to get more customers and make more sales and Be a Stand Out?

The Instant Promo Video offer is just like a Mini Documentary on your business.

Our method is simple, Yet Extremely Effective!

So – you might want to ask – how does it work?

Our film crew and team, come to your business premises and manually construct an informative yet powerful Mini Documentary video, which is all about your business, brand, product or service that YOU OFFER, and then we also build you a smart SEO friendly write-up, which is uploaded to a web-page that we compile for you.

The mini documentaries filmed in your area will be published online, on all of our ‘Results in Media’ YouTube & Vimeo Channels and our Social Media Platforms. You will also receive the video link and embed code to place on your own website and social media platforms.

And with this offer, You will even receive a FREE listing on the ‘We Are Here’ directory register.

Our effective Mini Documentary videos will be designed and produced specifically for your business, brand, product or service to make you stand out!

You don’t have to worry about anything; we will handle all of the technical stuff for you!

The Mini Documentary Video benefits YOU, “the business owner” to:

• grow your business• build your customer base• increase your sales• expand your online traffic• produce more walk-in traffic• magnify your fan base• and raise your revenue

Our Mini Documentary Offer, is highly sought after.We will be filming in your area very soon.Our Instant Promo Video OR Mini Documentary is being offered right now at the very low price of $397This is a great way to promote your recognition.ALL I CAN SAY IS:• DON’T GET LEFT BEHIND• DON’T LET YOUR COMPETITORS BE BETTER THAN YOU• IT REALLY IS A CHEAP AND FAST WAY OF ADVERTISINGLET’S GET YOU RECOGNISED, SO PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL 1300 33 03 03 or you can book online at

Let’s get those cameras rolling!

How to increase business customers and sales

Let us visit you, shoot your business, your premises, your product and/or service and show and tell the public, what YOU DO and why they need to visit you online or off.

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