I love discussing the creative process and useful tricks to use in the world of video marketing, although there’s more to achieving a successful video marketing strategy than what you can see on the surface.

Behind the scenes, SEO (Search engine optimisation) is still extremely important, whether you’re a fan of it or not.

Let me be clear, if your video content is not being optimised for search engines, you are almost definitely missing out on free exposure.

Scary, right? Don’t worry, Results in Media have got the solution to get you back on track.

The same way your webpage title should have keywords that you’re looking to rank highly for, your video title is going to determine your ranking on sites like YouTube.

Even if you’re familiar with SEO, this next part will probably be news for you.

That description section that’s available for your videos, that’s taken into consideration for search engines, too.

The general idea here is still the same, avoid keyword cramming, the best descriptions are those that accurately explain your video in conjunction with keywords.


Regardless of the product, service or industry, our video marketing packages are consistently proven to be relevant and to seamlessly integrate with your business. Your video marketing strategy is a prioritised, actionable plan of attack to ‘Grow Your Sales Faster’.


Whether you are a sole operator, have a family business or run a major company – our video marketing packages are relevant and scaled to your specific needs. Despite your business and industry type, the key challenges remain the same – how do you find, attract, convert and retain more customers, more often.

Quite simply, our video marketing process is a ‘Grow Your Sales Faster’ strategy.

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first. Everyone worries about budget. Dollars are tight. Every organisation is trying to do more with less.

However, you don’t have to spend millions to hire a dedicated video team.

This is where Results in Media comes into play, we’ll produce a video or videos containing your content for different stages of the customer journey and release a new video or videos every month (depending on the package purchased). We can dedicate the right resources without breaking the bank.

For most organisations, there’s no shortage of potential video content. Think about your audience and what you want them to know about you.

A good first video is an explainer about what your company does and who you are. Then you’ll want to create videos for every step of the marketing funnel.

It’s said that buyers do more than half their product research independent of merchants, so you’ll want to provide videos for every step of that journey.

Fun campaign videos can bring pain points to life and humanize your brand. Product demo videos can quickly educate audiences and build trust in your offers.

Interview style videos can inspire audiences and quickly build trust in not only what you do but also why you do it. And as buyers engage directly with your sales team, personalised videos can help bring the human element back into the digital selling process.

Product explanations are important; however, they don’t always make the most compelling stories. Our YouTube Reviewed videos put a human face on your company.

Involve your customers by featuring their success stories with video. Let them talk about their stories after purchasing your product or service and why they work with you.

As any filmmaker can tell you, editing is one of the toughest steps, all of that content that has been shot is great. Everything your company does is amazing. However, keeping your customers, audience and fans entertained must be done in a short amount of time. Results in Media will calibrate the video to the specifications required for video marketing.

Unfortunately, viewers have short attention spans so you have to keep it short and interesting.

If your viewer has watched to the end of a video, Results in Media don’t just leave a blank screen, we provide a call to action at the end of the video so that your viewers take the next step with your business.

After you have purchased one of the Results in Media packages, we will setup the proper channels to promote and advertise your business videos, we will also recommend another related video of yours or give the viewer more information or contact details to learn more.

You can even add calls to action within the video for example, a quick poll question halfway through, subscribe to you channel buttons, join us, etc… to help gauge interest.

All videos produced by Results in Media are designed for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and your own website.

YouTube is great because it performs well in Google search results. Plus, it’s free.

I realise this is a lot to think about. Ten years ago, marketers were intimidated and skeptical of using Social Media, too. Today, nearly every company in the world dedicates resources to Social Media. Some have teams of people working on it.

Video is taking off, too. The challenges of getting started are minimal compared with the rewards you’ll reap.

Results in Media by Evay Pty Ltd has many divisions and specialises with online services for creative website design, eCommerce, social media, hosting, eMail services, advertising and especially video production.

We maintain a small but talented team so we can produce budget videos and animation without the high price tag other Companies charge who provide the same service.

Our Team at Results in Media by Evay Pty Ltd are dynamic with a clear focus on what to produce. We ask the right questions so you get the best results from your online presence.

The owners Andrew and Tracey Harrison have been servicing the online web presence for customers for more than 15+ years and are still actively involved in the day to day operations which maintains a substantial private and loyal client base.

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